Canopy Extraction

We install commercial kitchen extraction systems, with the highest quality kitchen extraction canopies available at the lowest possible prices. Our canopies are made with 304/430 Grade Stainless Steel and include washable baffle filters, grease collection drawers and 50 mm condense channels.

Canopy Extraction Installation and Repairs

Extractor fans and kitchen ventilation equipment are necessary for both the safety of any commercial kitchen and the comfort of your staff and customers. Kitchen ventilation is a crucial part of your commercial kitchen design – as integral as your cooking or refrigeration equipment. An industrial extractor fan is not simply a way to improve your commercial kitchen’s working environment; it is a necessity, as new kitchens that don’t have adequate ventilation in their design risk being rejected by the health and safety department.

Protection from harmful gases
As well as keeping your commercial kitchen well-ventilated, ordering a quality industrial kitchen extractor fan will serve a number of crucial health and safety functions, particularly protection from poisonous gases which commercial kitchens can produce, resulting from the combustion of gas. Health and Safety has particular concerns about carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can be lethal, and in busy kitchens the effects of drowsiness the gas creates is a huge risk. Poor kitchen extraction is also considered to be responsible for particles released during cooking that could trigger respiratory illnesses.

Compliance with health and safety regulations
As well as compliance to health and safety regulations, a properly maintained extraction system can save you money – if your kitchen experiences a fire and your ventilation system has not been maintained, your insurance company will contest any claim you make.

Extract Fan and Duct Maintenance/Replacement
Regular maintenance of your duct and fan system is not only a legal requirement but essential for an efficiently operating kitchen ventilation system. Either every 3,6 or 12 months depending on use.
Unlike most duct cleaning companies, who leave the fan in the duct, we actually remove the fan fully from the system, remove the blade which enables us to fully clean the motor fins, blades and casing, essential for a proper fan service. keeping the motor fins and blades clear from grease stops the fan running out of balance and enabling the bearings to stay cool which in turn stops them from over-heating and seizing, which will eventually burn the windings in the motor out, this means a broken down fan.  We can offer you a reliable, friendly and professional service for:

  • Duct cleaning
  • Same day fan repair service
  • Fan control boxes
  • Fan cleaning
  • Bearing changes
  • Motor rewinds


Kitchen Extraction Units