Vent Installation

 Ventilation Johannesburg

We provide a full  range of  Extraction & ventilation services. Repairs, Upgrades, Design, Manufacture & Install.
Our customers include:
✔Restaurants ✔Food Processing Institutions ✔Cafe’s ✔Fast Food outlets ✔Pubs ✔Care Homes ✔School Kitchens ✔Training Facilities


Air Conditioning Install and repair
We Keep Customers Comfortable with Reliable AC Repair, Maintenance, & Installation!
Your air conditioner has an important job: keeping you and your family comfortable indoors. When an air conditioner breaks down, it can be as expensive as it is frustrating.


Duct Installation
We provide fabrication, installation, and repair services for all of your air duct needs. Duct installation near me
Duct installation
Duct installation contractors
Duct installation residential
Duct installation in home
Dryer duct installation
Heating duct installation
Air conditioning duct installation
Furnace duct installation


Canopy Extraction installation
Kitchen exhaust fan
Kitchen exhaust hood
Kitchen exhaust vent
Kitchen exhaust fan filter
Kitchen exhaust cleaning
Kitchen exhaust fan installation
Kitchen exhaust fan installation
Kitchen exhaust fan cleaning
Kitchen exhaust duct installation
Kitchen exhaust fan replacement
Kitchen exhaust fan repair